Ebook reader without ads. What does this mean?

Ebook reader without ads

Ebook reader without ads. What does this mean?

It’s decided: you are going to buy ebook reader. In search for your dream device, you come across an ebook reader without ads or a version with ads. What does this mean for you as a user? 

Both terms are very simple to explain: an ebook reader with ads displays marketing offers or promotions on the device's screen. An e-reader without ads does not do that

If you already got our hands on an e-reader with ads, you can expect them to be shown primarily on the screensaver, otherwise known as the sleep screen. In this case, personalization of the sleep screen is impossible

Depending on the brand of ebook reader (Amazon Kindle, Pocketbook, inkBOOK, Onyx Boox, Cybook, Boyue), ads may also appear in other places such as under the menu bar.

From a reader's perspective, the version with ads may not be as bothersome as it might seem - even for everyday reader use. But.

Amazon Kindle with ads

The most well-known such reader is the Amazon Kindle with ads. And while the ads themselves aren't necessarily annoying, it's worth mentioning that by logging on to this device, even to access the "send to Kindle" service, we accept Amazon's terms of service. 

So we are also giving permission for the reader to track our every move, among other things, in order to "Protect Amazon Europe and others" and display personalized ads to us.

It's important to remember that, as Amazon writes in its terms of service, it transfers:

 "user account data and other personal information whenever we deem it appropriate to comply with legal requirements, enforce or apply Amazon.co.uk's Terms of Use and Terms of Sale and provisions of other agreements, or to protect the rights, property or safety of Amazon Europe, our users or others." 

Free reading for watching ads

It's also worth mentioning that there are many services around the world that give access to ebooks for free in exchange for seeing ads. The best example here would be the German Readfy application that works, only if you specifically want it to, on inkBOOK eReaders (inkBOOK is an ad-free reader).

Some argue, however, that the display of marketing messages, after time, can begin to annoy and somehow discourage the use of an ebook reader. 

An ebook reader with or without advertising: which option is better?

There is no better answer to this question than... it depends. And it depends on several factors.

First - comfort. If you don't mind seeing a lot of extra messages, then a reader with ads will be a good version. On the other hand, if you value uninterrupted peace and quiet during use - choose an ad-free reader. 

Second - finances. The version with ads, as a rule, is cheaper or ads allow you to read for free. By agreeing to watch the offers on your reader, the respective manufacturer reduces the price of the device or ebook accordingly. Versions without ads are more expensive, but this way you don't get unnecessary marketing distractions in the package.

Third - availability. Readers with ads are usually developed for the specific market in which they are sold, and often for a specific application. Therefore, readers with ads purchased outside Poland will offer them in a specific language, such as English, German or French. In the variant without ads, there is no such problem.

Ad-free inkBOOK ebook reader 

One of the main tenets of our brand is the freedom and liberty of reading. For this reason, inkBOOK readers have been developed from the very beginning with the highest possible comfort in mind.  

inkBOOK ebook readers do not collect information about users, do not track them, and do not profile them. 

Just like the previous models, the inkBOOK Calypso Plus and inkBOOK Focus are ad-free ebook readers. The lack of distracting notifications allows you to fully enjoy reading.

So if you're looking for a discreet, private reader and don't want anything to distract you... the inkBOOK ebook reader will be the perfect solution.

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