inkBOOK, an ebook and audiobook reader in one

Ebook and audiobook reader

inkBOOK, an ebook and audiobook reader in one

Not just reading, but listening too! Do you love audiobooks and consume them in wholesale quantities? Or are you just entering the world of audio content? What is an audiobook, whether it is possible to listen to books on an ebook reader and, if so, which model to choose - the answers are already waiting for you!

  • What is the difference between an ebook and an audiobook? 
  • Is an audiobook better than an ebook?
  • How to listen to audiobooks?
  • Can you listen to audiobooks on an eReader?
  • E-book readers on which you can listen to audiobooks

The growing popularity of podcasts and audiobooks among readers no longer surprises anyone. Easy access to content that can accompany you on your way to/from work, as well as the increasingly attractive offer of subscription-based streaming services, are effectively convincing more and more people of using audiobooks. 

The days when only a phone, smartphone or tablet can play audiobooks are also behind us. Into the game have entered... inkBOOK ebook readers.

What is the difference between an ebook and an audiobook?

The difference is very simple - one is read, and the other is listened to. For this reason, it is obvious that the files uploaded to the reader also differ in formats.

Audiobooks are most often .mp3 extensions, while ebooks can take the form of .epub, .mobi, .pdf or even .txt. 

Now you're probably wondering: which is better ebook or audiobook? Well... there is no definite answer to that. It all depends on how you prefer to consume content. Fortunately, you can combine these two by choosing an ebook reader and an audiobook in one. 

Which is better: ebook or audiobook? 

For some, yes audiobooks are better, while others can't imagine life without a traditional book. In this regard, it is best to follow your reading preferences.

Why? Because both ways have their pros and... cons. 

The voice of the lector, his interpretation of the text or even the length of the recording - these are issues that can interfere with the reception of audiobooks, which, of course, is not the case when reading a book. 

The traditional way of reading, on the other hand, can be for some a bit... tedious and less impactful on the imagination. Only when listening to the text being read are they able to focus their full attention.

Ebook and audiobook reader in one

How to listen to audiobooks?

You have several solutions to choose from. To play audiobooks, you can use a computer, tablet, cell phone or ebook reader. 

Of course, each of these devices allows you to connect headphones or a speaker, so it all depends on how you want to play audiobooks - you choose the way you like the most. 

All right, but where to get the content from? You can subscribe to services that provide e-resources as part of your subscription. 

However, if you don't want to tie yourself to one service for a long time and want to reach for audiobooks without a subscription, you can always buy content individually from e-bookstores - exactly the same way as for ebooks. 

There is also a third - free - solution, which is an audiobook for free listening. All you have to do is look for sources on the Internet that will legally allow you to download the file in the appropriate format. So, where exactly you can find free ebook and audiobook download?

For example, one such site is the Gutenberg Project. In addition to free ebooks, you can confidently download the audiobook you are interested in. After that, all you need to do is upload the file to your inkBOOK reader and... done!

Is it possible to listen to audiobooks on an eReader?

Yes! Thanks to a wide range of available applications and the right equipment, you can listen to audiobooks wherever you are! 

Devices available on the market that allow you to both read ebooks and listen to audiobooks are inkBOOK device. 

inkBOOK means ebook reader with audiobook support - this is all thanks to the Bluetooth function - with it, you can connect headphones or a wireless speaker to the device, giving you unlimited possibilities for audiobook playback. 

On top of that, of course, with an inkBOOK reader you have access to many apps and services offering audiobooks, including Storytel, BookBeat, Audible, among others.

It's also great to upload a pre-purchased file directly to the device's memory using a USB cable or the "Send to inkBOOK" function. 

inkBOOK - ebook and audiobook in one

Ebook readers on which you will listen to audiobooks

Why do you need a device that only allows you to open text files, when you can easily have a reader adapted for ebooks and audiobooks.

Such an opportunity is definitely provided to you by the inkBOOK devices. So, if you are interested in an ebook and audiobook reader in one - you have two models to choose from our offer. 

Ebook reader with audiobook support: the 6' inkBOOK Calypso Plus and the 7.8' inkBOOK Focus are equipped with Bluetooth functionality, which makes listening to audiobooks trivial.  

In addition, on inkBOOK eReaders, you can choose from a variety of available apps offering huge catalogs of audiobooks.  

Don't limit yourself and experience e-reading at its best!

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