How can I change the screensaver on my inkBOOK eReader?

How can I change the screensaver on my inkBOOK eReader?

How can I change the screensaver on my inkBOOK eReader?

What we all love book readers for is not only the ability to quickly access tens of thousands of e-books or e-newspapers, but also the freedom of personalization. Check out how to change the screensaver on your inkBOOK eReader!

Ebook readers, unlike traditional paper books, allow their users to take (at least partial) control over the book page.

Thus, according to your needs and preferences, in inkBOOK eReaders you can adjust the font size of the displayed page, its typeface, and even change the size of margins, or interline. All this to enjoy comfortable reading for hours without tiring your eyes.

How does inkBOOK screensaver work?

If you want to give your inkBOOK an even more personal touch, you can also take advantage of the option to place personalized screensavers.

This feature is sure to appeal not only to users of the eReader, but also to those who buy an inkBOOK as a gift.

It will allow you to place, other than the default, graphics on the eReader's sleep screen. On the "wallpaper" created by you in any graphics program, you can put personalized wishes or message, which the gifted person will see every time you put the eReader to sleep.

How do I add a screensaver to an inkBOOK eReader? 

  1. Find a graphic you like or create your own and download it in the dimensions that suit your eReader model.

You can also adjust it to these dimensions in any graphics program.

The dimensions of each model are:

* IMPORTANT: For these two models, the screensaver file must be uploaded straight to the "Screensavers" folder!

  1. Transfer the graphic to the eReader.

You can do this via USB cable, micro SD card or through the “Send to inkBOOK” service. 

  1. On your reader, go to:

Settings ➡ Personalize your inkBOOK ➡ Change the graphics on the lock screen.

Next, you just have to choose your favorite screensaver from the list! That's all. 

Now you know how to give your reader a personal touch. The functionality of changing the inkBOOK eReader's screensaver is a great way to personalize your device! 

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