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Meet our flagship

inkBOOK Explore is a 7.8" e-reader created for the biggest fans of a written word. Together with a new larger screen and resolution, interface has been changed and optimized to fit the larger screen and offer a intuitive experience. Additionally, display with 300 DPI and a color light regulation makes sure Explore has all you need for superb reading. A large display in HD combined with inkBOOKs unique and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to read whenever you are.

Reading in a new fashion

E-paper gave a new form to books. Like the e-mail has changed mail. From now, all authors, books, newspapers displays in your favorite font. The inkBOOK Explore uses E Ink touchscreen, with adjustable front light intensity and color light temperature management. The legibility of the displayed text is as excellent in full sun, on a cloudy or rainy day as well as at dusk. Thanks to 300 DPI resolution, you can experience the highest clarity of text possible. Illustrations, charts, infographics, pictures are sharp and clear.

Reading without distractions

Touchscreen and a simple interface that makes reading easy again. One tap to open for your recent books and apps. Adjust the typeface and font size, change the screen orientation, line spacing, and margin width. Choose the text size in the menu and create shortcuts. Highlight and bookmark your pages, save comments on sections and more.

Thousands of books in your hand

You do not need to worry about the e-book format - inkBOOK supports all popular formats. Those less popular also. With inkBOOK Explore, comics or illustrated fairy tales are comfortable to read. All knowledge in one place, easy to organize. Friendly to your eyes. The operating system is compatible with Android applications so you can add the functionality you need. Anywhere, anytime.

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