inkBOOK Prime HD
inkBOOK Prime HD
inkBOOK Prime HD
inkBOOK Prime HD

inkBOOK Prime HD

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Prime HD

Experience reading in HD with our bestselling inkBOOK e-reader now in HD resolution and with light color temperature management. The display has been upgraded to 300dpi for flawless text and image rendering. Adjusting the temperature color will make it perfect for any place and time you want to enjoy your favorite book. Display in HD combined with inkBOOK’s unique and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, hold and store in a pocket.

The screen that beats paper

E Ink Carta™ screen with High Definition and a 300 DPI. No glare on the sun and gentle light in the night so you can read in any situation. The glare won't distract on the sun you and the light won't agitate your eyes at night. Rapid Refresh™ ensures the highest picture quality even after long reads. Adjust brightness level and color temperature - read comfortably at night or in the sun without eyestrain even on long reading sessions.


Reading without distractions

Touchscreen and a simple interface that makes reading easy again. One tap to open for your recent books and apps. Adjust the typeface and font size, change the screen orientation, line spacing, and margin width. Choose the text size in the menu and create shortcuts. Highlight and bookmark your pages, save comments on sections and more.


Powerful enough to make it all look easy

With a Quad-Core CPU, up to 1.6 GHz and 512mb of RAM, Prime HD is best in class. Prime HD with a battery capacity of 2000 mAh is also a solid energy supply. E Ink screen is not just incredible for reading, but also great for low battery consumption. We insist on smooth and effortless usage so the user only needs to focus on the important part. Reading.


inkBOOK Yoga case ( sold separately )

inkBOOK Yoga is a stylish case designed especially for your e-reader. Created to fit perfectly with your device, the cover provides solid protection and full functionality. Built-in magnets prevent accidental opening of the e-reader, so you can transport your inkBOOK safely in a backpack or handbag! Choose your favorite color and enjoy the freedom of reading read wherever you are!


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