Ebook reader with backlit screen. How to choose the right model?

Ebook reader with backlit screen. How to choose the right model?

Ebook reader with backlit screen. How to choose the right model?

Relaxes, calms, reduces stress levels - reading before bed has many advantages and... unfortunately, one huge disadvantage: without a bedside lamp it is difficult to practice. With help from an ebook reader with a backlit screen, not only you won't disturb anyone in the evenings, but also you won't damage your eyesight!

But before we begin, we want to explain to you one important thing. With this curiosity, you will undoubtedly shine in the circle of readers! 

What is a backlit screen? Colloquially, it is used to say that the reader has an illumination screen, but this is a misnomer. Correctly, according to professional nomenclature, such a feature of the device should be called: backlit screen.

For the purpose of this article, we will use both versions, in order to make the text as clear as possible for you. 

However, we hope that after you finish reading it, the phrase “backlit screen” will be completely natural to you!

How does a backlit screen work? Ebook reader example 

Backlit screen on ebook reader have eliminated the insufficiency left by tablets. Why? All because of the LCD screens that users reading on these devices were accustomed to. However, e-book readers had a huge advantage: they offered more comfort and, most importantly, did not damage the eyesight. 

So it was a natural step to create a feature that would allow comfortable and healthy reading in the evenings. The ebook reader with backlighting (illumination!) has become a fact that millions of readers around the world have come to love. 

How does the backlit screen of an ebook reader work?

It's very simple, and all thanks to the LEDs located at the bottom of the screen frame. The light they generate is not directed straight at the user's eyes, but illuminates the screen evenly.  

This is because the diodes shine into the optical fiber, which is laminated as one of the layers of the screen. Then, the optical fiber distributes the light across the screen and... done! 

Is backlit screen bad for eyes? Absolutely not! The backlit ebook reader primarily uses white and yellow LEDs, which are arranged alternately. This allows you to adjust the intensity and color of the light on your device. The state of illumination depends primarily on the class of LEDs installed and the quality of the optical fiber, specifically, its transparency.

An ebook reader: with or without backlighting?

Are you facing the decision to buy your dream device, but still not quite sure whether you will need a screen backlight? See the comparison and decide which version is best suited to your reading needs. 

Non-backlit ebook reader VS backlit ebook reader

In both cases, it's a guarantee of reading that doesn't tire your eyes. However, the reader's backlighting function is something extra that, unless you need it, you don't need.  

Again, let's go back to the times when ebook readers did not exist. How did you read in the evenings back then? Without a bedside lamp that shone directly on the pages, there was no other option. Is it comfortable? Not always. Can it shine straight into the eyes? As much as possible! 

An ebook reader without a backlight will work best for people who simply do not like to read in the evenings and at night. Instead, they appreciate reading their favorite books during the day and nothing, but nothing in the world, can convince them to read when it gets dark.

However, after that, a backlit ebook reader appeared on the market, thanks to which evening reading before bedtime took on a new meaning.  

Therefore, the backlit ebook reader will be loved by people who

  • find time to read only in the evening, before bedtime,
  • do not want to disturb the person sleeping next to them,
  • want to take care of their eyesight by reading on a device that doesn't glare at them with strong light aimed straight at their eyes.

You will adjust an ebook reader with backlighting (illumination!) to suit you and how you use it. 

Remember, even if you feel you don't need this feature for anything - you can simply turn it off or minimize it even to 0 in the settings of your reader with backlight.

inkBOOK eReader with backlit screen

Which ebook reader has a backlit screen? Bet on these models 

There's no denying it: screen illumination has become a standard for ebook readers. Therefore, the models available on the market offering this possibility are really numerous. So which ones are worth paying attention to?

Firstly, you need to consider what other features of the device you care most about, because... if you choose well, an ebook reader with backlighting can give you more than you expect! 

This is exactly the case with both models of inkBOOK devices: the 6" inkBOOK Calypso Plus and the 7.8" inkBOOK Focus.

The readers not only offer screen backlit, but also adjust the color of the illumination from cold to warm, as well as change the brightness level. This allows you to personalize your inkBOOK reader and read on it in a comfortable way that makes you most happy!

In addition, inkBOOK ereaders include numerous applications, including Nextory, Storytel or even Wattpad, a wireless file transfer function, and an internal memory that can hold up to 10,000 eBooks.

A screen for reading books? Only E Ink! 

The key element of any reader is the E Ink screen. Thanks to the use of appropriate technology, it resembles a printed sheet of paper to an illusion. 

Together with the backlighting - which, as we know, does not shine directly into your eyes, but illuminates the sheet of paper evenly - it forms a perfect duo appreciated by any book lover reading in the evening. Why? 

Because an ebook reader with a backlit E Ink screen allows you to read uninterrupted without worrying about any damage to your eyesight. 

Plus, you can easily read while lying in bed and not worry about disturbing the other people in the same room!

What to clean the backlit screen of an ebook reader? 

This is a question that many e-reader users ask themselves. It is natural that a device that is used often, eventually, can get dirty at some point. Does a screen with a backlight and screen without a backlight clean in the same way?

Yes, exactly yes! These two versions of the screen do not differ in the method of cleaning, and it is done the same way as for smartphones or tablets. You can use special cleaners for this, such as foam. 

However, a dry microfiber cloth will work best, and it will take wonderful care of your backlit book reading screen!

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