Our main goals

There are principles that serve as our guideposts in our daily work and define the way all inkBOOK Europe employees operate. These include supporting ideas such as:

Reading for all

At inkBOOK Europe, we start from the premise that each of us - regardless of the differences that divide us - deserves to have access to comfortable reading tailored to our needs.

That is why our eBook eReaders are equipped with many useful features that level the playing field and help you enjoy your favourite book.

inkbook smiling readers

The continuing development of e-Reading

Just like you - we love books. We want to share this love with everyone! For years, we have been educating and extensively demonstrating the advantages of e-Reading so that in a world dominated by new technologies, people who read can also find their place.

people reading on inkBOOK eReader

Openness, freedom, independence

inkBOOK is not an eBook eReader in the common understanding of the term.

We do not tie our users to specific services, we do not spam them with advertisements, and we do not impose specific uses on the device they own.

It is up to the user to decide how they want to use their inkBOOK device, and they can change its use as easily as installing more applications on their phone, tablet, or computer.

man reading on inkBOOK eReader

The eReader as a complement to the paper book

We don't want you to give up on paper books. Our aim is to show that these two ways of reading can be combined perfectly. Each form allows you to consume content a little differently. Ultimately, however, both a paper book and an ebook read on an eReader support the work of authors and contribute to the development of reading around the world.

ereader vs. paper books


It is not without reason that we have smuggled the colour green into the inkBOOK logo. Every day we strive to operate according to the principles of socially responsible business, hence the great importance we place on environmentally friendly practices.

We know that one eBook eReader can save up to several hundred thousand kilograms of paper during its life cycle. Since the beginning of our business, we have done everything possible to optimise the packaging weight of our devices as much as possible.

As a result, we use much lighter and smaller boxes, select more environmentally friendly materials and, together with the simultaneous implementation of a sustainable logistics and transport system, can significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

inkbook ereader package

We are close to the publishing industry

Our activities would not make sense if it were not for the people and institutions of the publishing industry. We actively participate in many initiatives to promote and encourage people to read.

Projects with libraries

The company's flagship project is active cooperation with libraries. inkBOOK eReaders can already be found in many institutions, ready for lending! Projects carried out with publishers We also pay particular attention to supporting Polish publishers.

In addition to joint promotional activities, we regularly publish content on this topic on our social media profiles. In this way, we want to encourage our audiences to familiarise themselves with particular items in the publishing house's offer.

Projects with authors

Relationships with authors are extremely important to us. We appreciate their talent and commitment to promoting reading. That is why, as inkBOOK Europe, we create a space for them to reach people in love with ereading with their works in electronic form.