Case Twist Night Black inkBOOK
Case Twist Night Black inkBOOK

Case Twist Night Black

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inkBOOK Twist Case

inkBOOK Twist case is a stylish case designed especially for your ereader. Created to fit perfectly with your device, the cover provides solid protection and full functionality. Twist Case matches inkBOOK Focus. Choose your favorite color and enjoy the freedom of reading wherever you are!

Protection and security

Precisely designed Twist case helps protect your e-reader from scratches or damage. Built-in magnets prevent accidental opening of the e-reader, so you can transport your inkBOOK safely in a backpack or handbag!

Innovative design

The comfortable design of the inkBOOK Twist case provides not only the full functionality of all buttons but also allows you to place the device in a stand in three steps so you can enjoy hands-free reading whenever you want!

Auto sleep and wake

A dedicated Twist case not only provides excellent protection for your reader but also helps you keep longer battery life thanks to the automatic sleep function.
Wake or put your inkBOOK to sleep by opening or closing the inkBOOK Twist Case.